Ripple Across Portland

Would you like to volunteer?

Rippleffect Volunteers are…
Our Strength. Creative. Clever. Generous. Adored. And, invited to join the pre-party and the after-party for beverages, snacks, and exuberance! Plus, you’ll be supporting Rippleffect’s mission to bring outdoor adventures + leadership in action to kids and “grownup kids” alike! Full schedule to be announced soon.

  • Friday: Pre-Event Kickoff
  • Saturday: Event setup, check-in and adventure stations!
  • Saturday: After Party Support and Cleanup Social Media: Take photos and shoot videos, then post to Rippleffect’s social media channels
  • Adventure Stations: Staff challenges by guiding participants through race tasks, timing contestants with a stop watch, judging successful task performance, and managing task equipment.
  • Race Support: Staffing the race check-in tables at the Friday night pre-event and day-of event. Answer basic questions about the social scavenger app. We will also need similar support to check teams back in at the end of the race.
  • Party Support and Clean-Up: Break down of adventure stations, help give directions to participants, table at the after party. Please submit your info and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you!