Ripple Across Portland


If you have not yet assembled your team of 6, add TBD to fields below. All 6 team members must be signed up within 2 weeks of registering. All team members must be 21 years of age or older.

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By registering for the 2019 Ripple Across Portland event, I, as captain of my team, agree that my team will raise the following minimum Fundraising Clause: Because this is an exclusive event with limited team spots, each team must reach the minimum $400 to participate. If the minimum is not reached by 14 days prior to event day, to secure your spot, the team captain must provide a credit card that will be charged the remaining balance if minimum is not achieved by event day. Each team will have up to 30 days post event to reach the minimum $400 and the credit card charge (if applicable) will be refunded.  Alternative arrangements for those not reaching the $400 minimum, must be approved by Rippleffect.