Fundraising Levels = Bonus Points

$400 = Your Race Participation Goal. Earn this amount to start the adventure!

$500 = 5 additional points added to your team's overall race day score.

$600 = A wicked good head start. You're up to 10.

$700 = 15 points. Not only are you ahead, but Maine youth are earning scholarships to participate in outdoor leadership programs. Yes!!!

$800 = You've got the idea -- and a 20 point lead.

$900 = 25 bonus points. You're trying to win this!

$1,000 = Mmm... You're not in this for the points, are you? You're motivated to support and grow youth-based outdoor leadership programs for schools, youth nonprofits, and families in Maine!  You know your efforts are helping Maine kids build self-confidence, strengthen relationship and leadership skills, and understand the gifts offered by our community and the natural world. Thank you so much!